International Negotiation

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To prosper in today's increasingly global business environment, you need to understand cultural influences on selling and negotiating. It's up to you to provide the training necessary for success. International Negotiating: Successful Deal-Making in Global Business unveils all the secrets of doing deals effectively with other cultures.

Learning Points

With this international business negotiation training video, you'll get the answers to these essential issues and many more:
• How to create effective strategies
• How to decide who should - and shouldn't - be on a negotiating team
• Why it might be essential to spend a lot of time socializing before negotiating begins
• What you should - and should not - do during initial discussions
• Why international deals take more time - and how to keep things moving forward
• Why bargaining or concessions might result in disaster
• How to keep "done deals" from coming undone

Program Includes
45-minute video
Role plays, exercises, discussion questions & script

• Enjoy turnkey solutions: just pop in a DVD and support materials make training even easier
• Create dynamic learning: break up live training with colorful, engaging visuals
• Provide outside expertise: our real-life scenarios are backed by a who's who of content experts
• Use visual learning: bring topics to life to achieve faster, more effective learning

DVD $695
Streaming $6 / view, $300 minimum
Discounts: Gov't 10%, Academic 20%

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