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 "All people are the same. It's only their habits that are so different."


Ours is a world of diversity. And people from other cultures have very different ways of seeing the world, communicating, working together and more. We founded Big World Media to bridge these cultural differences, and help you prosper in the global market.

Our Mission: Since 1994, Big World Media is the leading producer of cross cultural training videos. Our purpose is to ensure that your people – whether in business today or preparing for tomorrow – have the essential skills they need to work effectively with people from other cultures, whether at the home office or abroad.

Our Programs: Our exciting videos are broadcast quality, shot on the location around the world, along with exciting, real world dramatizations.

Our Experts: Our cultural diversity videos and intercultural communication video clips are expertly researched with leading subject matter experts. We feature who’s who of global business leaders and cross cultural experts, both on camera and providing expert input behind the scenes. Check out our blog for the latest intercultural news.

Our Media: Our programs are available on DVD or online streaming. All include leaders materials such as interactive role plays, exercises, test questions and more.

Our Customers: Our clients include more than half of the Fortune 500, many government agencies, and most US universities and colleges. How may we serve you?

- Erich Toll, Founder and President