International Video Production

Big World Media offers custom training video and overseas production. Since 1994, we’re the leading producer of global diversity videos, and offer the experience and expertise you need to meet your goals.

We’ve done HD-quality video production around the world, producing on location from Argentina to Singapore, Brazil to Indonesia.

Big World Media is one of the top international video production companies, offering:

award-winning crew
• deep cultural expertise
multilingual crew
experience in more than 35 countries

Our clients include top corporations, universities, and government agencies:
corporate: more than half the Fortune 500, including DuPont, HP, Shell
education: nearly all U.S. universities and colleges, and many overseas
government: most branches of government, including Dept. of State, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Homeland Security and more.

Our specialties include cultural diversity videos and overseas production services, for business, education and others.

Please contact us now to discuss your project.