Doing Business in Singapore

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To survive in global business in Singapore and Southeast Asia, it's essential to have the right skills on how to conduct business in Singapore. With the expert training program, the Doing Business in Singapore video, you'll discover this city-state's mysterious blend of modern business efficiency and ancient superstitious beliefs.

Packed with facts on the do's in international business with Singapore, you'll master the business culture of Singapore. For example, you'll learn to recognize the fear of "loss of face," and discover when it's best to do business in the open - and when to go behind closed doors. Find out why you need to forgo your Western individuality to work effectively with the prevailing group mindset.

Learning Points
You'll get the answers to these important questions and more:
• What are the cultural taboos and Singapore social business culture?
• What's the strategy for doing business in Singapore with Chinese?
• How to do I communicate effectively and avoid costly misunderstandings?
• What are the best negotiation techniques?
• What's the key to success in business management in Singapore?

Program Includes
44-minute video
Role plays, exercises, and discussion questions

DVD $595
Streaming $6 / view, $300 minimum
Discounts: Gov't 10%, Academic 20%

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