Doing Business in Indonesia

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With the world's fourth-largest population, Indonesia is market you can't afford to miss. But to succeed here - and avoid costly failure - you need proper preparation. The Doing Business in Indonesia video is a complete training program and Indonesia business guide. It's loaded with Indonesian cultural facts, and essential information on Indonesian social and business customs.

For example, you'll need new communication skills to read body language and silence, and find out what's really being said. You'll explore business practices in Indonesia and learn essential techniques, from obtaining intelligence and negotiating successfully, to managing business and dealing with corruption.

Learning Points
You'll get the answers to these important questions and more:
• What's proper protocol and etiquette?
• What are the culture and values in Indonesia?
• What are the secrets of successful negotiation?
• How do I communicate effectively and interpret Indonesian non-verbal communication?
• What are the keys to success in management?
• and much more...

Program Includes
44-minute video
Role plays, exercises, and discussion questions

DVD $595
Streaming $6 / view, $300 minimum
Discounts: Gov't 10%, Academic 20%

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