Cross-Cultural Communication (high tech scenario)

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In Part 1, hi tech employee Valerie receives a call from Lois, a customer from another culture. Valerie speaks quickly and uses slang, frustrating Lois. Valerie is impatient with Lois’ accent and English, and belittles her, despite the fact that Lois has taken the time to learn Valerie’s language. Valerie insults Lois, and loses a customer.

In Part 2, Valerie approaches the same situation differently, adapting to the customer’s unique needs. Valerie speaks slowly, clearly, and properly. When Lois uses unfamiliar words, Valerie seeks to reframe to understand her. Despite being challenged by the communication difficulties, Valerie takes personal responsibility, finds a solution, and ultimately triumphs with yet another happy customer.

Main Learning Points
• Avoid slang - use proper language
• Be patient with accents, unfamiliar terms
• Speak slowly, clearly
• Respect and appreciate the customer’s effort to learn your language
• Reframe and seek alternates to barriers

Program Includes
• Broadcast-quality DVD
• Filmed in HD with professional cast and crew
• Length 3:24

Facilitator's kit on CD-ROM
• Facilitator’s Guide
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Activities
• Discussion Questions
• Student Worksheet
• Pre and Post-Training Assessment

• Easy-to-use – includes facilitators manual designed by service experts
• Highly engaging – quick-paced, lifelike scenario gains and retains attention
• Save money – all the quality at 60% off the typical price
• Save time – quick program for efficient learning and behavioral change
• Versatile – use for meetings openers, training sessions, and more

Corporate $295
Government or Non-Profit $265
Education $236

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