Cross-Cultural Understanding

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"Highly recommended! De-mystifies the complex topic of culture, and allows our teams to leverage differences and work effectively together."
Lynn Spiotti, Eastman Kodak

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people need to develop better diversity skills. It's up to you to provide your people the essential training to effectively understand and communicate with other cultures. Our top-selling training program, the Cross Cultural Understanding video investigates all the key components of culture and communication, including values and beliefs, social structure, perceptions of time, communication styles, proper etiquette and more. Cross-Cultural Understanding is expertly designed for intercultural communication training, and questions and role play exercises are included for a complete training package.

Learning Points

With this expert training program, you'll get the answers to these essential issues and many more:
• How to recognize and respect differences in values
• How to work effectively with different views of leadership and teamwork
• How to deal with different attitudes toward time and deadlines - and how to keep things moving forward
• How to communicate effectively with other cultures
• How to respect different beliefs and viewpoints
• How to show respect with proper etiquette

Program Includes
45-minute video
Role plays, exercises, discussion questions & script

• Enjoy turnkey solutions: just pop in a DVD. Support materials make training even easier
• Create dynamic learning: break up live training with colorful, engaging visuals
• Provide outside expertise: our real-life scenarios are backed by a who's who of content experts
• Use visual learning: bring topics to life to achieve faster, more effective learning

DVD $695
Streaming $6 / view, $300 minimum
Discounts: Gov't 10%, Academic 20%

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